Electro-bike Experience: Pamplemousses

Experience Details: Electro-bike Experience: Pamplemousses

Explore Nou Zil invites you to discover the North in a unique and fascinating manner as you never had before. Our electric assisted bikes will make your outing to be a most pleasurable one, where effort is replaced by amazement on discovering new sceneries and satisfaction in meeting with the inhabitants of our beautiful island. Pamplemousses outing is an invitation to ride in all security through the numerous sugar cane fields leading to the various ancient colonial houses. In doing so we will share with you, in all simplicity and good humour, the many authentic facets of our little island. The routeThis outing can be considered to be a tribute to the sugar industry whose imprint is still visible in the scenery as well as in the history of the island.The outing which starts at the museum of L’aventure du Sucre, takes us through the many different paths of the sugar cane fields to the magnificent domain of Le Mauricia and its majestic alley of intendance trees. Our outing carries on, still through the fields, and we take a short break at a view point where sightseers can admire a magnificent panoramic of the mountain range of Le Pouce and Pieter Both as well as the isles of the north.We restart our journey and take the road in the direction of the Mount sugar estate, which no longer operates, and then towards the Chateau de Villebague, ancient residence of Mahé de Labourdonnais, where we have a quick lunch in the gardens. A visit of the Castle can be arranged on demand.After a well merited rest we carry on our trip towards the small typical village of Petite Rosalie where we can enjoy a pineapple from a corner vendor. Next, we head towards Pamplemousses going alongside the beautiful Citron River before restoring our strengths with a delicious cup of tea from one of the neighbouring families whose warm welcome will certainly be appreciated.We then carry out a short visit on foot in the historical quarter of Pamplemousses, (church of Saint Francois, presbytery, old graveyard, slaves pond and the prestigious botanical gardens.) The outing ends at the L’aventure du Sucre with a visit of the museum. As for our other outings the human encounter and cultural exchanges are carried out in a simple manner, often around typically Mauritian culinary specialities.



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